A look into behind the streams

Sitting in the Bahamas editing webcams in South Africa is a blessing. When I started SA webcams I didn’t realize I would rely on my webcams to get a taste of home. Everything has a cost and coming to the Bahamas for work has been my way to fund SA webcams and keep the dream alive.

South Africa webcams have five live cameras streaming with more to come. The different time zones and my working hours make editing and maintaining the live streams difficult. The growth and following tell me that we are doing something right.

Balancing work and play

This is our first behind the streams vlog. The Bahamas is a beautiful place. With its clear blue water and marine life, every snorkel session is an adventure. Using a GoPro 10 has been a pleasure and watching the videos afterward with friends and drinks has been a highlight of mine.

As summer approaches in South Africa, you can expect more webcams. We are excited to see the country come alive with tourists and locals enjoying South Africa’s finest attractions.