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Muizenberg webcam is a must!

Muizenberg webcam is on Muizenberg beach which is one of the most popular surf spots in South Africa. With its gentle, perfect waves that approach the shore systematically with perfect timing.  This is the reason why beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers make their way to Muizenberg. It would be a rare find to rock up to Muizenberg beach and see no one surfing. 

we knew from day one that putting a webcam at Muizenberg beach would help hundreds of surfers make better decisions on their surf sessions. Saving Cape Town surfers time and money by giving them a powerful tool in the form of a webcam. Live streaming the ocean conditions at multiple surf spots has been a long time dream of mine. As a surfer I have spent large amounts of time and money into finding the right surf spot on a daily basis.

Our coastline webcams have been positioned at strategic positions at some of the nicest accommodations. Our live webcams which can be used as surf cams are positioned at Muizenberg, Milnerton and Strand. 

Any user can log onto our website and find a webcam that is located in an area that they would like to visit. Assess the weather and conditions before driving there. You can view all your options of where you want to surf before you even start the car engine. Petrol is expensive and covid has forced us to be on our digital devices. Why not use this to our advantage and save some money. 

A fun aspect that South Africa webcams has is that you can rewind your surf sessions. Ive tested this and although you do not get a zoomed in image of yourself surfing. A general view of your waves and rides is fun to watch. A trick is to acknowledge the time you surf and then rewind the webcam.

Muizenberg webcam has been challenging as the ocean elements effect everything on the webcam. The live stream can go down three times a week during bad weather. This means site visits and altercations to get the broadcast live again. 

The rewards are worth the effort. Knowing hundreds of viewers are watching the live stream daily. The analytics show us the results and we hope our users are subscribing and spreading the word.

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