Establishing Webcams in South Africa

Establishing Webcams in South Africa journey

Our website has been live for two months and what a journey it has been establishing Webcams in South Africa. We have partnered with companies here in cape town as we start with our first webcam placements. It has been a rollercoaster of excitement and challenges.

Visiting these beautiful locations and businesses would get anyone bubbly about south Africa! Its beauty and diversity deserve a platform on the internet. South Africa Webcams is honoured to take on the challenge to display our country to the world through webcams.

 What has been rewarding is to experience kindness of the business owners who operate in the spaces we have visited. This compels our mission to achieve the challenging task of live streaming through webcams. In some areas and places where power and internet are not to the standards of first-world countries. We find that the reward is worth the effort.


Our first five live webcams

The world has changed and we rely on webcams

This is a fairly new concept so bringing the idea to a new establishment is always an interesting conversation. The business owners who are open to the online world and the world wide web are the ones who we look for. Moving forward with the times is something that most of us try to do but few of us actually achieve.

Fortunately or unfortunately Covid 19 has forced us to rely on virtual experience. We at South Africa webcams have acknowledged this and will use this powerful tool to our advantage.  

South African tourism has been hit hard by the pandemic. South Africa webcams hopes to assist those companies to gain exposure by entering an effective online presence through live streaming.

Our following grows by the day and we are continually working on new equipment. We continually adjusting to best serve the end-user and the business that is hosting the webcam

We are thrilled with the feedback we get from those who are using our webcams. We know in the coming months everyone will be thrilled with the locations and live streams that we will produce. 
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